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The PRHHA includes projects that make our parks, public spaces, and communities more beautiful. They contribute to making our PRHHA community grow and bloom.  A pleasant community appearance adds to home values, helps attract city investment, and just improves the neighborhood reputation.   Your efforts can keep property values up and will promote a sense of pride in our community.

Here are some of the steps PRHHA is  taking to further the community beautification process:

1. Doggie Bag Station at our community park. (installed 2013).
2. Joint venture with City to maintain and improve  Hillcrest Road  medians. ( renewed for 5 years)
3. Promote Removal of Structural Eyesores and  keep apprised of homeowner compliance.
4. Working with the city on improvements to Old Renner Park, streets and sidewalks.
5. Construct /Replace and Maintain Planting Beds/Trees on Hillcrest Road.
6. Plant Seasonal Flowers in Planting Beds near HOA marquee/monument.

We planted over 90 trees as part of the “Tree Please Sponsorship” in conjunction with City of Dallas and installed Irrigation System for Park! (December, 2014) 

CODE COMPLIANCE:   If you feel that neighbors and/or businesses in our neighborhood might be in violation of city code then please double click this link: